Reflecting on the last 3 weeks of: Understanding Social Networks – concepts, issues, and connections swirl in my cluttered mind. Comm506 and @KateMilberry provided a rich venue to learn about the dynamics of social networks experientially with my classmates … face-to-face & in the affordances of the web. Grateful for this social network!

Over the last week, we – #comm506 engaged in discussions/presentations relating network affordances to social movements and activism. The week ended with Dr. Keith Hampton’s research and insights on online connectivity, social support, and the empirical case for positive effects of online interactions in making relationships persistent, pervasive, and diverse.

As I continue to connect the dots from the past three weeks, a comment made by my classmate Michelle in her presentation on movements/activism resonates … be engaged via the networks that we are afforded.

Social networks – online and offline can be the essence of stability/safety, hence social support. However, they are also the place of change – the drive of society’s evolution. So, be & stay engaged … it is essential for health and well being, on both the personal and collective levels.