Reading Dorothy Kidd’s article – The Independent Media Center (IMC): A new model took me back to comm503.

Her discussion of how this network operates to coordinate dispersed alternate forms of information sharing online and offline beyond the traditional media outlets was inspiring as to the possibilities in collective action. Clearly, this movement has a cause, as she states: “ the IMC was no accident, but the result of historical conjuncture of an emerging social movement” – one seeking justice in a world matted in diverse global inequities. The IMC seems to be a broker of power. Its capital lies in its ability to reach beyond traditional sources for sharing and transferring information. Given information and knowledge is power in networks; I would say the IMC is well on its way to meet its vision/mandate of developing a global communication commons.

It seems that the IMC has all the unpinnings required: crowdsourcing (Shirky), Pro-Am movement (Leadbeater & Miller), and the virtues of commons-based peer production (Benkler & Nissenbaum).