After spending a weekend myopically focused on a research project/poster presentation for comm501, thought it was time to reflect on something much bigger than me.

Good starting point: (Un)Lawful Access: Canadian Experts on the State of Cybersurveillance … a must watch for all Canadian’s who cherish our democratic society, civil liberties, and the networks we engage with via the technologies of the time. Bill C-30 in essence is “big brother watching you in your connected networks” by design. Is this disconcerting? … most certainly.  As an informed part of the electorate, I do not support legislation designed to monitor and control the flow of information online based on intuitive spidery senses. Furthermore, the suggestion back in February indicating that this bill was for protection of children is worrisome. Because I do not support this legislation, does in no way mean I do not care about children and their vulnerability online. Also … looking at this from a social network lens, I am bothered by the notion of the ripple effect that bill c-30 will have on the civil liberties of online-connected members of society. Troublesome to think that a power node such as the government could potentially rewire the online-networked environment!

Perhaps this “surveillance by design” legislation would stop the need for robocalls during elections, because they already know what I am saying, planning, and doing online!

Thx comm506 for providing me the opportunity to verbalize my reflections on bill c-30 and @KateMilberry for providing opportunity for dialogue.

If you too are concerned … check out the OpenMedia website