As a network – comm506 has explored and discussed many theories and concepts over the last two weeks, gaining insight into the inner workings of social networks. We interact in social networks daily – online, face-to-face, and in this current era of the web … our ever-changing relationships blend the two spaces.

As a group, comm506 has learned that social capital is complicated in networks. It can act as leverage/influence; it creates bridges amongst our nodes by brokering diverse relationships and often unexpected interactions; and can even diffuse new ideas and practices in our social world.

Today, our classmate Heather presented social capital through the lens of the social network in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode – Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon highlights another recurring thread associated with networks and social capital … the “generosity” of sharing whatever you can offer with others. The ripple effects in network generosity can be amazing!

Heather very eloquently presents Kadushin’s take-away points on Networks as social capital. So in the spirit of network generosity and the sharing of information … please click on the links to visit her blog and view her presentation. Moreover, follow her @HHdgray.