In comm506, we have spent much time pondering theories and concepts related to network theory. Today was a personal and experiential “wow” moment regarding – small world, social circles, homophily, propinquity, and weak-strong ties.

Spring 2011 brought Denise and myself together via @uaxMACT … hum … homophily and propinquity. However, it was not until today that I could truly relate the network theory of small world and social circles as it centers on people and relationships. During comm501, Denise illustrated a research methodology concept with a personal example. Wow, Denise has been in my MACT network for a year and I did not know that her father – Dr. David Young was my professor at two different periods in my student-professor social circle … hum … weak ties. Denise, your father is an inspiring educator – a compliment that you can share with your strong tie.

Truly a small world … we are connected and networked in social circles & clusters. Ties can be strong or weak, and are fluid. They can be rooted in propinquity, homophily, or both. Moreover, we do not always know when our connections with others will come to light … so be generous with all relationships, strong or weak … as our network interactions always ripple through the small world.